Getting The Work Done

Getting The Work Done

In Steven Pressfield’s latest nonfiction work, The Authentic Swing, he discusses the process of publishing his first fiction work and how his creative process for the story went.

“Put your butt where your heart should be.” [link to Pressfield's interview with Oprah]

“You have to run your day. You can’t let your day run you. You must roll out of bed each morning with an unshakeable focus and intention. Your novel, your start-up, your movie. That’s your day. That’s why you’re here.” [link]

When it comes to building your business, you have to build the discipline of getting the most important work done first and foremost, each and every day.

A few practical things that have helped me:

1. Plan your day the night before. Use a notepad or whiteboard and list out your Big, Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAG) for the next day. Then do nothing until that 1 thing is finished the next morning. Plan to take your day by storm, otherwise your day will overtake you before you even roll out of bed.

2. Continually prioritize your day. Just because an email arrives, doesn’t mean it has to be answered and it certainly doesn’t mean it needs to even be read (I’m still working on this one for sure). Match new items that arise with your previously scheduled BHAG.

3. Keep yourself accountable with deadlines and make those deadlines known. If I have a big goal I’m knocking out that morning, I let my wife know, I let my biz partner know, everybody knows…I ain’t getting out of my chair until I’ve written this article, or made these 5 calls, or finalized the proposal.

4. Come hell or high-water, put your butt where your heart should be. You want to write that book or get that job? Do the work. Sit in the chair! Make yourself write, make yourself make the phone calls. Let nothing stand in your way.

Last thing, it never gets easier to do the work that your heart wants to do. Even the Masters have to plan their day, take it by storm, and overcome the internal struggle. But as you build this discipline into your daily routine, the discipline allows you to overcome that struggle consistently.

Carpe diem. Get the work done.

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