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  • I Thought I Told You

    There’s a ring-a-round motion that happens all the time in fresh companies and new teams (even old teams for that matter). Didn't I tell you to do that? I thought I made it clear? Why are we going over this again? Then it gets a little more extensive. Where's the marketing plan, Henry? Where's the...  Read More

  • Africa's Youngest Billionaire

    "I'm a refugee and astronaut, a businessman, an investor, and proudly African." Ashish Thakkar's first words at the Game Changer series in Harare. Being in his early 30's the "Africa's Youngest Billionaire” status had the whole room (300 people) poised and ready to see and hear what this young global leader looked like...  Read More

  • Ice Age

    The hare and the tortoise story. We've all heard it. The rabbit is fast but the tortoise is steady—the steady slow animal wins the race. Steady and consistency is great when...  Read More