Glitz And Glamour

Glitz And Glamour

There’s always a new thing that’s shinier, faster, cooler, and more cutting edge. Just last year, Google Fiber was launched in the Midwest USA. With my own eyes, I watched as a 1 gigabyte movie was downloaded in mere seconds. What used to take hours and hours, now happens in an instant. Can you imagine what that would do to Jack Sparrow’s business model? (For those that don’t know, Jack Sparrow is a Zimbabwean DVD company known for their low-quality, pirated DVDs).

Then, earlier this year, the Shadow Internet is announced. What a name. And it’s 100 times faster than Google Fiber, which was 100 times faster than its predecessor. I literally am having a hard time fathoming how fast that is. It’s probably so fast that you could download that movie and watch it in handful of seconds—now that would be cool.

Inventors are always creating new, bedazzling things. Entrepreneurs find a problem and offer a solution. It’s not fancy and most times it’s not full of glitter and fun. Invoicing, bookkeeping, managing employees, cold-calling random strangers and asking for money, these are the things that an entrepreneur subjects himself to day-in and day-out.

You can have fun following new trends and seeing shiny objects, but if you get caught chasing the disruptive technologies and changing your business model every other month, then you need to reevaluate what you’re focusing on.

Offer a solution and serve your customers. That’s not glamorous and it’s not fast. But it’s a time-tested mantra for success in business.

(photo via tina chen, this feature photo is of a communications company laying fibre. It also seems that there is more digging for gold in Africa than some may expect!)