Goals for the New Year

Goals for the New Year

Do you set goals for the new year?

It’s nice having a fresh start. 2015 is done. It’s over—it was grand. You can build on your successes and failures—both are admirable. And time gives perspective on both.

In setting goals for the new year, it’s important to strike a balance between realistic and bold. If it’s too bold, the realistic aspect wanes. Like, “My goal is to launch an 100 million dollar company."

That’s bold. If you’ve never run a business, it’s not realistic.

Switch it to “I want to start a business, build a loyal customer base, and pay all of our bills on time for Year 1."

That’s both bold and realistic. Then break that goal down with monthly goals and milestones.

Charles Dickens once wrote that "No one is useless in this world who lights the burden of another."

Set goals for yourself, but don’t neglect setting goals on how you can help someone else this year. Life’s too short to think about yourself all of the time.

I’ve been putting some thought to this: It’s not hard to get better.

It’s actually not. Don’t psych yourself out.

Decide what you’re deficient in. Decide to pursue it. Then read, study, learn, and bolster that area of your life.

Then rinse and repeat.

The longterm success is to build in a repeatable system that becomes second nature to you.

The reason most people can’t continue eating healthy is because they are in diet mentality. The very nature of dieting is that it’s not longterm.

Rather, switch from dieting to adjusting your daily nutrition toward more healthy choices. Cut out a few sweets and add a few veggies. If you consistently do that over a few months, you’d be surprised how sustainable and successful your Diet is.

A little nutrition advice, goal setting, how about a few suggested books to read too?

Recommended reading to jumpstart your 2016:

Happy New Year. Let’s make this one the most effective and purposeful.

(photo via stuart hines)