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  • Helping Others Succeed

    It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed. In the 1800s, many families sought greener pastures and moved West across the undiscovered America. They could travel as far as Cumberland Gap in Missouri, but then...  Read More

  • Red Tape Rocks

    There's far too much red tape and not enough red carpet. Red Tape has a bad wrap, so much so that no one ever thinks of its value.  It's put up to keep you from doing anything. I hear a lot of young fervent disruptors...  Read More

  • Tactics, Strategy, Culture

    Tactics are great, they’re how you implement your overall strategy. Strategy is what dictates tactics, or at least it should. If you don’t have great strategy, your tactics won’t matter. Culture is what shapes your...  Read More