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  • Helping Others Succeed

    It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed. In the 1800s, many families sought greener pastures and moved West across the undiscovered America. They could travel as far as Cumberland Gap in Missouri, but then...  Read More

  • Daily Steps To Success

    There's no jumpstart in life. It's about daily steps that you must go through. We hear this a lot: "How do you grow a business in Africa? In an economic climate like this?” “Wow, it must be a really brilliant idea…” “Your success can’t be duplicatable, can it?"...  Read More

  • The Daily Success of Making Someone Else Happy

    "When you close your eyes at night, what’s important? You’ve spent the day taking risks. You’ve made some people very happy. Each day, that’s my challenge.” There’s a famous restaurant in Paris, France called Arpège. They have 3 Michelin Stars. 1 star is an incredible feat, but 3...  Read More