A Little Love AKA How To Connect With Influencers

A Little Love AKA How To Connect With Influencers

"No one's above a little love." Ben Rector song.

How do you connect with the big time leaders who inspire you? Have you ever wondered how to connect with influencers?

Don’t know what to say? Are you nervous about talking to them?

Think through what you would like to ask and learn from them. Offer to help on a specific project you know they have upcoming (with no strings attached). Then do that work diligently and with excellence.

According to the top answer to this question on Quora: "So step one in meeting a very busy person when you are not inherently part of their priorities it to learn more about them and what they care about. Once you have done that, you can do one of two things: take part in what they are trying to accomplish, or come up with something which is more interesting to them than the alternatives.”

Don’t waste their time. You would rather have them slow down the conversation and inquire for more, than for you to push push push until they have to literally walk away from you to end the convo.

Don’t be a mooch. Buy their coffee and their lunch. And don’t ask for anything in return. You’ll be surprised how far that goes and how respected and honored their influencer will feel.

  • Give first.
  • Ask for nothing in return.
  • Genuinely encourage and thank.
  • Pick up the tab.

But here’s the true secret, successful people love to learn new things.

Steve Blank says he won’t take a meeting if you're “...offering me money. Not for stock. But who is offering to teach me something I don’t know.”

This is called a two-way meeting. You give and they give. It’s a win-win. Never come into any meeting without first thinking and planning what you can give. If you create this kind of meeting ethos, you’ll find that your meetings are productive, insightful, and lead to progress and future connection.

What have you learned that an influencer, investor, or potential mentor would want to learn?

For more resources on how to email busy people or talk to influencers, here are a few great resources:

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