How To Demo Your Product

How To Demo Your Product

I saw this post the other day and it was so good, we had to post it here. Hopefully this puts you in the mood for a little pitch night next week...

How To Effectively Demo Your Product

Rather than wasting your breath meticulously explaining every little feature and detail, all you need to focus on is the most tangible measurement of all: revenue. This is the number one concern for traditional businesses, and the metric that is best understood and the most translatable between the online and offline world. Tell them exactly how much more revenue they will generate using your solution compared to how they are currently operating.

In other words, the goal of a demo is to show how this product enables the customer to achieve her goals.

A Few Upcoming Events

1. Pitch Night (Harare) is next week! Next week, people! We bumped it up a week due to scheduling conflicts with the venue. You can RSVP here to let us know you’re coming. Last time, we didn’t have enough room for everyone, so RSVP and show up ready for some great startup action.

2. We’re helping host an event on 26-27 of May called 95% Market Share. Ever wondered how you can put practical advice in play to go from zero market share to over 95% and completely dominate your market? Jim Niekamp did just that and he’ll walk you through how to be the Batman of your industry—building the tool belt you need to be successful and run your competition out of business.

When I went to this conference for the first time, it was better than my 4-year marketing degree from university…in 2 days (I was actually a little bit upset about that one). The price is not cheap, but when compared to a 4-year degree, it is quite affordable.

Cost is $200 and it will be held at the world famous Celebration Centre. If you want more info, reply or head over here and send us an email.

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