How To Design What Matters Into Your Company

How To Design What Matters Into Your Company

What’s more important?

Pick one of each set of words:

  • Creativity or Knowledge
  • Culture or Strategy
  • Atmosphere or a Program
  • Skill or Faithfulness
  • Simple or Sophisticated 

Your answers will say a lot about the way you do things and expose limitations or flexibility. The correct answers might seem apparent, but then actually putting them into practice is a battle.  

How often do we exalt education over fostering creativity in the next generation?

How easy is it to default to a program when the desired outcome is really all about an atmosphere that will evoke change in someone’s heart?

How quickly do we gravitate towards the skill in someone but forget about the long lasting effect of someone’s character?

Everyone wants a strategy on a bound, paperback business plan, but how often do we plan the culture that we want? 

A hard-lined strategy might become irrelevant when the rules of the game change and when technology disrupts the white paper. A team with creative culture navigates and feels like they have the freedom and empowerment to do so.

  • Rigidity vs. Flexiblity?
  • Stuck vs. free?

Whatever the case, the inferior of the two words still holds a high degree of importance, but I’ve seen many of the companies in Africa neglect the ones that carry the most weight.

(photo via jeppi 94)