How Zimbabwe Gave Away A Multi-Billion Dollar Idea

How Zimbabwe Gave Away A Multi-Billion Dollar Idea

  • I don’t have any good ideas...
  • I’m not sure where to start...
  • I live in Zimbabwe and we don’t have the same opportunities like guys in the States...
  • We don’t even have a currency...

“Long before there was Uber, 21-year-old Logan Green traveled to Zimbabwe. There, he encountered impromptu fleets of vans that shuttled people around Harare’s chaotic streets. Inspired, he returned to the United States…" [source]

Mr. Green then went on to start a company called Zimride, which now goes by Lyft. It’s Uber’s largest competitor. Uber is now worth $51 billion. Lyft is worth upwards of $6 billion.

So, stop making excuses.

According to this Fast Company article, the origin of the ride-sharing giant Lyft is traced back to a visit to Harare, Zimbabwe! Yes, you read that right, a billion dollar company was started based on an idea they received while in Zimbabwe.

This goes to show that it’s not how or where or what, but it’s looking at the world with an open mind and being willing to take a risk with the data and info that you receive.

Of course the execution is key and the timing is important. But ideas are all around you, are you putting yourself in a position to see them?

A few questions to ask yourself when seeking a great idea:

  • Who am I surrounding myself with? Are they dreamers and thinkers? Are they smarter than me? Are they challenging me to be the best version of myself that I can be?
  • When I go about my day to day life, am I looking for inefficiencies in the systems? (The inefficiencies are the key to the great ideas. And Zim is fully of them.)
  • Do I validate my ideas in a way that allows for a healthy dose of failure? In other words, are you willing to fail to see if something crazy works?
  • What is a constant source of pain for you and all of your friends? If you find a solution, will you friends pay you for it?

The next big idea that could change your world and our nation is there. Are you going to take it and build upon it like Lyft did?

(photo via victor camilo)