I Don't Invest In Desperation

I Don't Invest In Desperation

"I don't invest in desperation. I’m out.” (Mark Cuban on Shark Tank)

  • Desperation forces something that’s not there.
  • It talks and tells, but doesn’t listen or learn.
  • It makes irrational decisions based on emotion rather than fact and validation.
  • It make's me think you may kill someone to get what you want, which is not cool.
  • Desperation creates a culture of self-focus.
  • It squeezes the life out of creativity.
  • It doesn’t plan past right now. It’s short term in nature.
  • Desperation and hope cannot coexist.
  • Desperation is un-investable and unattractive.

If you're desperate to go on a date with someone, it's outright off-putting. If you're desperate for success, it get's a little weird.

You may feel desperation from time to time, but don’t let this feeling dictate your gameplan. Even if you are more desperate than a mouse slammed in a mousetrap, fake it until you make it, keep a smile on your face, and cast vision.

Be honest and truthful, but don’t allow desperation to rule the room.

We’ve had so many projects and entrepreneurs in dire straits. The ones who survive are the ones who see desperation and use it to fuel them to work harder and think through their plan in more depth.

Voltaire said, “No problem can sustain the assault of sustained thinking.” Use desperation as the fuel to sustain your thinking, and put a vision mask on the face of the desperado.

(photo via hasin hayder)