I Felt Drawn To Her

I Felt Drawn To Her

Consider these two reactions:

#1: My attention is won. I am glued and engaged. I'm feeling pulled and drawn into a themed vortex and a great personality. I want to connect with the story and the people. I'm in.

#2: My attention is won. I have a loud, sales voice booming at me that I can't ignore. I feel like the product is being pushed and shoved towards me. I feel hurried and forced to make a decision. I feel like there could be a gimmick in all of this.

What would people say about your adverts, fliers, marketing plays and attention-getting tactics? Is it salesy or is it trustworthy?

We live in a world where connection is key. People want to feel plugged in to a community or culture that's drawing them in with similar values.

Pushing product makes people buy on price points and convenience. The thrust becomes let's get as many people to buy this as possible, and you should buy this right now. The outcome is finicky customers. They'll leave with the next best sales pitch.

Drawing people towards your product or service wins them over for a lifetime. The thrust is we care about this relationship, and trust is at the cornerstone of the engagement. The outcome is loyal customers. They're connected to something deeper.

Why is it that we are attracted to people who don't merely sell themselves like a sales pitch? We're drawn in by the Mona Lisa because her smile isn't telling us to call a 1-800 number. We don't marry hookers (even though they're selling everything cheaply) because there's a high degree of deferring values. It's all available and it comes across as cheap.

We skip commercials and go to the bathroom when ads come on tv. We watch movies and documentaries because they draw us in.

Which reaction are you leaving with your relationships? #1 takes thought. #2 is overdone.

(photo via josh_cwpr)