I Thought I Told You

I Thought I Told You

There’s a ring-a-round motion that happens all the time in fresh companies and new teams (even old teams for that matter).

  • Didn't I tell you to do that?
  • I thought I made it clear?
  • Why are we going over this again?

Then it gets a little more extensive.

  • Where's the marketing plan, Henry?
  • Where's the distribution model, Fatima?
  • Where's the money, Mr. Salesman?

Nothing gets done unless it's inspected. Even geniuses need guidance and oversight.

One of our friends at Emerging Ideas who runs a $500M+ valued organization out of Denver, Colorado said, "When I transferred over I did so only on the basis that I can also bring on my team of incredibles that I've been working with for years and years. I trust them."

So I asked him, "So was it easy to build the company with your team? You probably didn't have to do much when it came to their areas of responsibility..."

"You always have to inspect what you expect," he replied. "Even the best of the best need leadership, guidance, and direction."

Telling someone once doesn't mean they'll do it right. Get the mud off the walls and be clear. Give direction and inspect the direction that's been given.

And repeat...

(photo via the 2000 USA Presidential Election)