I Wanna Be A Zimpreneur

I Wanna Be A Zimpreneur

What’s up with everyone going around adding “preneur” on the end of every word. Have you noticed this?

Being an entrepreneur has become such a fad. It started about a decade ago in the USA. Then into Europe. Well it’s full force into Africa now.

Entrepreneurship will save Africa! Entrepreneurs will save humanity! Cue Wagner’s Flight of the Valkeryies music.

  • SpaceX is making man multi-planetary. Multi-planetary, dude!
  • Uber is giving people more rides (if they can afford it)—we had kombies first, remember?
  • And Sphero is making toys into robots? Yeah!

Entrepreneurship isn’t going to save Africa. It may help a few communities and make a difference, but no one solution or one magic pill will change the world. Of course, we think the right entrepreneurs with the right idea could get pretty close.

Now, let’s address something.

Please let's stop adding "preneur" onto every occupation. You may be a carpenter, but that doesn’t make you a Carpenpreneur.

You may be an incredible designer (or at least think you are), but that doesn’t make you a Designpreneur. Come on!

Most people aren’t entrepreneurs at the core meaning of the word. You may hustle and work hard for a living, but that doesn’t make you worthy of attaching preneur onto your occupation.

  • Artrepreneur
  • Designpreneur
  • Technopreneur
  • Accountapreneur
  • Tweetpreneur

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Am I the only one that this is driving crazy? Be serious and be for real people.

Don’t be a Wantrepreneur.

What Wantrepreneurs have you seen running around? Hit reply or click here and drop us a quick note and let us know your best one.

(photo via thafotographer)