Ice Age

Ice Age

(photo via blavandmaster)

The hare and the tortoise story. We've all heard it. The rabbit is fast but the tortoise is steady—the steady slow animal wins the race. Steady and consistency is great when it comes to character, early mornings and solid goals. But often the pathway to the goal shifts.

Or as we like to say, the goal posts change.

At 95% Market Share Conference in Chicago, there's a saying that goes like this (and I’m paraphrasing), "Be like a heat seeking missile, change, adapt and alter the course to reach the intended goal.”

Today, reaching a goal has never been so volatile. A perfect, neat business plan gets ripped to shreds because of new technology. A "booming" social network can tank because someone comes out with one that's more personal and secure. A genuine online marketplace for Africa can be irrelevant because of sanctions, so the #treps  in the world have to be adaptable (that’s entrepreneur slang for “entrepreneur”—TREP, use it).

The dinosaurs didn't adapt for whatever reason and they hit their Ice Age. They came face to face with extinction even though they were on a pretty good role of world domination.

When it all changes, can you adapt quickly and can your pride take a dip to meet the "new way of doing things?" Organizations that get comfortable and don't shift to the times become irrelevant. Who's starting things in your team? Who's looking for the seasons, trends, signs and relevance? Yesterday's great idea could be today's bag of chips—crunchy, packaged and sold.

You can only sell so many bags of chips and apparently they aren’t healthy anymore. Couple the speed of the hare with the consistency of the tortoise and you may avoid your Ice Age for a little while longer.