Ideas To Hedge Yourself At This Time

Ideas To Hedge Yourself At This Time

How can you protect your cash and savings in Zimbabwe currently?

You can’t.

But you can hedge yourself in some ways.

  • Go to the bank every day and take money out. People schedule this like important meetings.
  • Start offering trades in terms that will be valuable. 
  • Buy land or property assets that will hold value. 
  • Continue to keep your word. When cash is tight it’s easier to lie. Don’t, because trust is more valuable than cash.
  • Give away all your money to people because you love them. Who knows what dividends could come from that in the future.
  • Buy some cows. A lady told me she starts a cow fund. Apparently they hold a lot of value.

A Note On Tough Times

Honor the people that you’ve committed to do business with. Even if you go out of business.

Make it right if you can’t pay. Don’t go quiet, instead keep communicating and expressing your plans of action to make things right.

An anthropological study was done on the history of trade and barter (the book is called Debt). The finding revealed that when an economy collapses (or Bond Notes come), people don’t actually do a one-to-one barter, but rather they tend to help one another based on relationships that they hold.

The interesting thing to take note of is that if you don’t have valuable friendships and relationships BEFORE times get tough, then this societal flow through doesn’t trickle to you.

If all you care about is your cash and retaining your profits, but disregard your friends, family, staff, colleagues, and neighbors, then when times get tough, you’ll be in dire straits.

So hedge with relationships.

The funny thing about this strategy is that your relationships will help you come up with great ideas during this tumultuous time.

Here are a few that our Friends have mentioned to us:

  • One friend has a relationship with a bank. He’s done business there for years…so they have personally guaranteed his deposits. Wow.
  • Another friend has a real estate project that has held value for years. He already hedged himself this way during the hyperinflation era. Double wow.

Relationships are always more important than transactions. Hopefully all your hope in life isn’t stored up in your bank balance...

(photo via ncdotcommunications)