Illegal Triangles & the Illuminati

Illegal Triangles & the Illuminati

First, these illegal triangles have nothing to do with the Illuminati. Let’s get that out of the way.

We all know about Area 51 in Roswell, New Mexico (USA). It’s apparently where all the aliens come to land. But have you heard of AREA 52?

I think I found it the other day. It’s on page 52 of the new rules and regulations handbook. It’s where everyone turns to catch you in a spot fine scenario. Not speeding when they flagged you down? That’s ok, turn to Page 52 and let’s see what we can find.

"You need to pay a fine."
“Why?” I asked.
"Because the triangles in your car don't reflect on both sides of the plastic so they are illegal, according to page 52 of the traffic regulations."

I was driving with illegal triangles. Bad luck.

"$10 per triangle please."

Then, I was told that all my tires were illegal too. That in fact all of them needed to be the same brand of tire. So Pirelli tires on front, Axial and a Dunlop tires on the back. No, no—not acceptable. It’s breaking the law.

Well, it was a hard one to stomach, but the three cars, who had been pulled over to be searched, were stranded.

I then asked the police officer with utter politeness, “Can this be a warning for us because we thought we had the right triangles and we didn't know about the new law?"

The officer looked at us and explained in a matter-of-fact tone, “We have no time for warnings. We are not educators. We are enforcers. You must pay or you'll be arrested."

It was a hard hit once again because at that moment in time I didn't have any physical cash on me. When I told the police woman, she said, well you must find it.

I asked her where I should look? She said "I don't care. Find the money."

Many Zimbabweans have the task now of just that: find the money. From where? No one knows.

For school fees, for triangle fines, for food, for dental appointments, for electricity, for fuel, for rent, for an unexpected family tragedy.

Finding money is not a good driving force for the economy. Creating wealth and building vision is.

A little more collective vision is needed. Then the money finds us and the triangle and tire laws take a back seat to the booming industries that are on the rise and in demand by the rest of the world.

Finding money is not a good strategy. You might find it in the wrong place. Or it might have strings attached. Or it ends up being negligently spent.

Or…you never find it.

In my case, I never found the money. After roasting in the hot sun for an hour, I was free to go.

(photo via rachel strohm)