I'm Trying To Make A Name For Myself

I'm Trying To Make A Name For Myself

"I'm trying to make a name for myself…”

It’s an inherently selfish phrase. When you approach a job, project, or relationship with this in mind, it sets you up for failure from the beginning. Making a name for yourself blinds you from seeing problems in your concept and pride in your dealings with people. It solves zero problems that helps other people.

If all you're after is to make a name for yourself, go base jump off the tallest bridge, never cut your toenails, or move to Malaysia and live in a glass box. Don’t start a business and stomp over everyone in a vain attempt to get one rung up the ladder. All you're doing is leaving those in your path used, abused, and abandoned. And what ladder are you climbing up anyway?

Don't do a startup. Don't try to raise capital. It will fail from the outset because your motive is wrong.

Forget making a name for yourself. Instead, focus on solving a problem. Try this, "I want to make people's lives easier.” Or how about, "I want to empower others."

Those people who set out to make a name for themselves, are known for just that.

Strive to change the world. Don't strive for the world to know you. They’ll know you by who you help and what you actually do, not what you claim to do and who you claim to know.

(photo via aptmetaphor)