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In Stock

We’re in beginning stages of a tech rollout for a new project. We have a few friends and entrepreneurs in our world that are also doing similar rollouts in other industries.

There’s a common theme that keeps popping up. Maybe you’ve encountered it.

Customs. Duties. Delays. Out of stock.

Having stock on hand to implement during roll out is worth its weight in gold. There’s nothing worse than having customers raise their hands and say we want your product for you to then say oh sorry we’re waiting on a shipment from China.

Some of the smart entrepreneurs we’ve had the chance to be around tackle this quandary head on from the very first stages of planning their business model.

Where’s the first place they plan to spend their investment capital?


They’re building warehouses, preparing shipments, organizing suppliers, and preparing to take stock so that when it comes to timing their scale, they’re primed and ready. This way they can control the timeline and not wait on a manufacturer in the Far East, a customs agent having a bad month, or a myriad of other international import issues.

Smart. I’ve been impressed. Be aggressive about controlling stock. This has to come in balance with demand, but the best entrepreneurs have a knack for juggling these factors.

(photo via amazon)