Inconvenience & Entitlement

Inconvenience & Entitlement

The Logic of an Inconvenienced Person (IP)

An inconvenienced person (IP) shifts the inconvenience back on you.

  • “I’d have to clean my desk for us to meet there, why don’t we meet at your desk?”
  • “Can you be sure and bring refreshments for the event tonight? I know I was supposed to do it, but I just haven’t got the time.”
  • “Yes, I have my laptop, but I’d have to go down to my office and unplug it from the wall in order to show you the presentation…let’s just set another meeting to go over this.”

An IP subjects all around them to “i-titis,” it’s a disease that spreads their agenda, their laziness and attitude all around them. It’s highly contagious in a team setting and the only cure is subjection to the team informing them of this tendency and ultimately firing.

Idea: Place a jar in the office. Every time the person says something focused on themselves, they are forced to put money in the jar. The team will rat this person out so fast, and there will be enough cash for coffee for everyone.

An IP informs you of the extent of their inconvenience.
“I’m so inconvenienced right now…wahhh wahhh wahhh…here take some of my inconvenience by listening to me whine about how inconvenienced I am.”

Action: shun this attitude from your team. Ban it. Refuse to speak to an IP unless you call them out. When an IP infiltrates your team, everyone becomes inconvenienced.

The Logic of an Entitled Person (EP)

My schedule trumps yours.
“I won’t be but a minute,” the old hag spewed after she had cut 3 cars off at the drive through pharmacy. We had been waiting in line for over 10 minutes. I was next in line.

Slightly miffed, I calmly exited my car and approached her window, “Excuse me, I know you really must be in a hurry, but you just cut in front of 3 other cars and I’ve been sitting here waiting for over 10 minutes.”

“I didn’t see anyone there, so I didn’t cut anyone off.”

“Yes…you did,” I replied forcefully. Shaking my head at the logic of this Entitled Person (EP).

The incredulity of this woman not only shocked me, but I was amazed at how her idiocy had convinced her that she was actually a genius and no one else could possibly know what they were talking about. (She also somehow had convinced herself that the 3 cars behind hers didn’t exist).

She took another deep drag on her cigarette.

“Ma’am you need to pull forward and get in line like the rest of us.” I forcefully commanded.

“I won’t be but a minute!” She spewed.

I refused to let this decrepit woman change the blissful mood I was enjoying this fine evening. She probably was dying of cancer from cat dander and tobacco use. I chose to think kindly of her, so I wished her the following goodbye, “I hope your evening is filled with many inconveniences!”

The logic of an Entitled Person (EP) declares, “You are required to meet with me. You must meet with me.”

It uses commanding statements in excess.
“I will be meeting with you face to face. Email is not good enough. I should get to meet with you no matter what your schedule is because I’m important and special and what I have to say is more important than what anyone else has to say.”

“It is my right that you meet with me even though I have no regard that this is your profession and you charge for this kind of advice.”

I am a leech. “Let me run this idea by you…it will only take 5 minutes.” Then I talk your ear off for the next 30 minutes and try to get a follow-up time to come attach myself to your brain and leech all of your brain power for the next 5 workdays.

An EP never ever cares about giving. They won't give you time, space or credit. It's about take-take, shake-shake, and break-break.

This person will keep talking even after you've hinted with eyes, feet and words how you have another meeting.

They'll write long emails that annoy your inbox. When you mention that you have other things to do, they pounce on you like a walrus on ice and blurt out, “You don't care, you need to be a people person! If only you knew how tough it was..."

I want to say back to them, "You should give your time to me, give your cash to me, and pay the bill for my coffee."

Action: pull the leech off your arm and fling it into the hot sun to shrivel up.

The Entitled Person has no regard for the value of your time. Avoid them at all costs and if you must meet with them, be clear on meeting objectives, set a time limit, and respectfully decline a follow-up meeting without an established prerequisite of what we’ll accomplish in that follow-up meeting.

The more you value your time, the more others will begin to respect it.

Don’t be rude. Don’t fight inconvenience with inconvenience talk. And please don’t fight entitled speak with entitled banter. Be cordial, professional, and courteous. But these people must respect you as a professional and they certainly must be respectful of your time.

Ironically, these two logics are interrelated. They’re evil cousins. The logic of an Entitled Person causes inconvenience like a domino effect. When an Entitled Person preys upon you, you’re immediately inconvenienced.

It’s your choice whether you will domino effect into using the logic on an Inconvenienced Person.

Ban these two logics from your life, from your team, and from your world. It’s degressive thinking.


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