Investing When Your Back Hurts

Investing When Your Back Hurts

Fund manager and legendary venture capitalist, George Soros has said that he makes investment decisions based on twinges in his back muscles. He pays attention to subtle signals in his body that guide him to make sound decisions.

When you break down his investing, it’s really a mix of intuition (gut feel) and theory. He’s spent his entire life managing funds, picking stocks, buying and selling companies. He knows his niche.

I used to find this a really strange story about Soros. How is that possibly duplicatable in my life? It’s frustrating for aspiring investors and entrepreneurs because you can’t learn anything from Soros telling you his secret is how his back muscles feel in the morning. Shoulder blade aches for currency trades. Commodities for low back twinges. What a wealthy weirdo.

It doesn’t matter how you decide to do a deal or what bodily functions you’re paying attention to in order to combine theory and instinct.

What matters is that your butt is in the seat getting the work done. You don’t build anything unless you take the time to learn your craft, hone it, and implement it time and time again. That’s what we can learn from George Soros. He puts his butt in the seat every morning and is relentless in his investing. All day, every day.

Don’t get caught up in the mojo, secret sauce, and superstitions. They are different for each person.

Instead, be the best at what you do. And as you gain experience, your intuition will sharpen and your gut feel will be dialed in on target.

Keep going. Keep doing what is in front of you to do. Each day of dedication brings another piece of the puzzle of success and longevity in your field of expertise.

Ow, my back hurts! Time to go invest in a few more tech startups...

(photo via evan leeson)