It Matters

It Matters

The playing field isn’t level. It does matter who you are, where you live, and who you know. It matters a lot.

With technology today, the geography is still important, but where you live isn’t as important as it once was.

For example, crowdfunding helps leveling the playing field. It’s more about the interesting product and the your story versus who's behind it (your connections). It’s becoming more of a meritocracy.

But if you’re trying to launch a business (or a startup) in a small African country, you’ll need to have a plan to negate the business environment you’re in. If your vision is to keep your startup local, then you need to switch and call it what it is—a small business. And we love small businesses! The more the merrier. But entrepreneurs have to stop parading around as a scalable business when the vision may be to transform your corner.

Both are admirable, but they’re completely different in approach.

(photo via world bank)