It Takes More Than Hustle

It Takes More Than Hustle

"Hustle is par for the course."—Robert Herjavec on Shark Tank

You’ve got this brilliant business concept but you don’t know what to do...

So you start asking for some advice from a few business friends that you know. They’re legit business people and own profitable businesses of their own.

They advise you to trial the idea and see if you can get a few people to part with their hard-earned money in exchange for your idea.

So you start hustling. You go door-to-door, or restaurant to restaurant or wherever to wherever, talking to anyone and everyone who will take a second to hear what you’re up to.

And a few people buy.

So then you have to build, or deliver, or make whatever it is you sold.

So you hustle...

It’s the same story if you’re trying to make the varsity rugby squad at school—hustle is the name of the game. If you’re not hustling, you’re not even going to step foot on the field. That’s how high the competition level is.

If you’re not hustling, you’re being left behind in a blur.

So if your key differentiation point from the pack is “that I hustle,” then I’ve got some bad news for you, so does everyone else. You should be hustling.

Hustle is now par for the course. It’s expected.

Do you have hard evidence to back up your hustle? Sales? A rabid customer base who buys what you’re selling and gives it 5 star reviews on every website known to man? Honesty, integrity and an experienced team?

You’ll need all the intangibles to survive in this environment. Hustle alone doesn’t cut it anymore.

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