It's Getting Worse

It's Getting Worse

It really is getting worse. There are too many avenues of communication. And then it goes redundant so quickly—resending the same comms on one platform to another.

Is there such a thing as obsessive communication?

It's not enough to send an email. It has to be backed with a tweet, a FB message, a whatsapp and maybe throw in a LinkedIn message too (just in case). It almost becomes an obsession to check 6 or 7 communication platforms to make sure you're not missing anything (or maybe in hopes that you're getting noticed as LinkedIn puts it).

Are we getting better at communicating effective issues or are people posting for likes and interaction?

Are you broadcasting insightful, humanity-building conversations or are you jumping on every trend to get more followers? Again, the motive might be getting worse.

We can jump into conversations without realizing the context.

Pick up stompies (as they used to say). We can hurl abusive bashes at people, get into their lives with profanity, destroy their morale fiber, and then close our phone app, sit back and drink coffee. We may never think of that person again but they've been blasted in social groups, misunderstood and possibly had a name tarnish.

A Small Example

The more platforms to speak from doesn't necessarily mean the more effective your speech is. Take Martin Luther King, Jr as an example. On August 28, 1963 in Washington DC, he gave the I Have A Dream speech. It is considered one of the greatest oratory pieces in American history.

Carefully constructed, filled with passion, yet containing zero boosting abilities and no social media distribution. But it was distinctly executed. One platform and one small recording. Not many speeches, but a carefully constructed beast of a speech. And it still inspires millions.

More could be less. More tweets, more comms, more trending bandwagons could be less.

The question is: are we getting more effective or more verbose?

(photo via john brownlow)