January 2013 Project Updates

January 2013 Project Updates

Zimbabwean Black Rhino at sunrise (photo via Ray Morris)

2013 is shaping up like a fitness trainer. Because what we do is quite unconventional and we get lots of questions like, "What exactly do you do?" We normally and unknowingly give blank stares to such questions, especially if the person has already asked Tommy how it is that he's from Africa and has white skin. So to the people that follow us and are a part of the EMI tribe, here's a list of exactly what we're working on right now.


CMedia is geared and ready to have a fantastic year. With the systems and team of 10 in place, we have officially branded CMedia as the premier creative production house in the country. But we're not stopping there. We've come alongside a few relationships with animation and production studios in the USA to bring some of the world's best content to Zimbabwe. Our goal is to have CMedia self-sustainable in 6 months this year, where we can begin to step back and help with the high level strategy here.

Also working on an exclusive USA tour for our media guys to get an inside view at how production houses work here in the USA.

CoTrade Industrial Solutions 

The Standards Association of Zimbabwe have just given us the thumbs up and we wait eagerly for our approval that will help launch the company into new mines around the country. We're also working with the UZ (University of Zimbabwe) who'll be researching alongside our team on the "green benefits" that we are giving to mines as well as the solution on eliminating dust.


Some key connections are taking shape here on the ground in Southern Africa. We are looking to establish a greater relationship in the startup community, that's what we love the most, so we're working to smooth out a clean system with investment permits and on the ground paperwork from our financial process to the Zimbabwe Investment Authority (ZIA).

New Projects

  • Looking at a water heater import project.
  • Ethiopia water project. This project allows us to fund community water wells from commercial business drilling work.
  • Thou Mayest Coffee (sourcing Zimbabwe coffee beans)
  • Establishing an AfriAmerica investment fund
  • Working with an established investment fund to begin focus on commodity and mineral deals as well as start up support.

95% Share Marketing Conference

We're bringing over 20-30 of the top business executives from Zimbabwe to Chicago to get a VIP, behind the scenes conference tour. We've partnered with 95% Share Marketing to expand thinking and empower business owners in the USA and Zimbabwe.

This conference is an exclusive event and we are limiting spots to 30. We feel very honored to be helping put this conference on, since it has impacted our business growth and thinking in the past (Tommy's been on it 3 times and Tim has been on it once.)

Celebrate International

Working on a new site, building PR and marketing systems from intro videos for pastoral staff, to outreach and vision prospectuses that we can share with potential donors. Our goal is by end of Q1 here that we have an online system to order CDs, Books, DVDs, and donate in all forms available (online, offline, etc), making it easy to connect with the on the ground projects:

  • Building new school
  • Building orphan community
  • Working on plans for a massive community hospital in Zimbabwe.
  • Connecting the Zimbabwe on the ground projects with the global relationships and donors.

Deal Brokering

We have been consulting with companies looking to get greater product distribution as well as investment deals through the pipeline. We have a couple clients in the USA who we'll be presenting their products to Fortune 500 companies like Staples, Apple, Target, and Case Logic in the next 6 weeks.

We also are working on a new mine opening on the ground in Southern Africa and helping these particular USA investors find funding, mine site approval, and overall mine management on the ground.

Writing & Speaking

Our goal has been to blog twice a week with our thoughts and goals. So far we've hit this goal. We'll continue to write twice a week here and once a week in the Zimbabwe Business newspaper.

The speaking circuit is wide open for Tommy in Zimbabwe. He speaks twice a week currently and with his recent induction into the World Economic Forum Global Shapers community, we're looking to expand his speaking arrangements. Tim likes to speak, but is focusing on the backend systems, and projects right now.

A Little Animation Coming Soon

"Officially" launching Emerging Ideas website. We'll be taking our online marketing to the next level in 2 weeks, with an animated explainer video and a push to our networks. Looking forward to giving you a sneak peak very soon!

Thanks for reading and we hope this gives you a good overview of what we spend our time on during the week. What big project are you working on that you're excited about this first quarter? Share your project and link in the comments below.