January Travel Update

January Travel Update

The Mayans were wrong. 2013 is alive and kicking. The Mayans are also dead, so I guess they were kind of right. Welcome to the new year everyone. We've been busy with holiday travels and family times, but wanted to paint a picture of what's happened so far this January.

Tommy: I've been jumping from state to state in the USA enjoying free Wifi (what a concept… Zimbabwe please learn fast), lots of family time, and snow. A few "Tommy vs the entire US government" incidents will be coming soon on following updates. Today, I'm flying to Kansas City to meet with an up and coming, high-end, coffee roastery called "Thou Mayest." The owner has a coffee product that claims to be the vintage wine of coffee. I'll also be connecting with the booming entrepreneurial community there.

Tim: I've been holding down the fort in Tulsa, working on the marketing for Celebrate International, and planning a few launches for Emerging Ideas that we'll be sharing with you in the next month. I've been re-motivated to start devouring my ever-growing list of "shut up and read" books over the holidays. Here's the list of what I've been reading. I was given Tim Ferriss' The 4-Hour Chef for Christmas, so I'll soon be learning how to gut a deer with nothing but a razor blade. We'll see how that works out. Such a great line up of "entrepreneurial love letters," it's hard to pick the starting point.

January Challenge: Write out a new idea and show a friend. Everyone has genius ideas. The starting point is putting it on paper and getting an outside opinion. Don't let another year go by with good ideas in your brain. They'll die in there, or end up hurting that small "10%" portion of your brain that's working at any given time. So challenge yourself: what's your new idea?

(Photo: Tomasz Wagner)