July 2013 Project Updates (Q2)

July 2013 Project Updates (Q2)

To give you a panoramic, snapshot view of where Emerging Ideas has been in the past few months and what we're working on, here's our 2013 Q2 update.

Early in Q2, we saw some rapid expansion in our families! Tommy and his wife had their 2nd baby. 2nd in 2 years. And Tim and his wife had their 3rd and 4th babies. 4 in 3 years! Having new life has brought great inspiration, increased efficiency, and a whole lot more love.

Celebrate International

New youth centre project is nearing its final stages. Tommy has been steering this ship from the beginning and it looks like the first youth centre in the nation of Zimbabwe will be open end of 2013. New tonga doors were recently hung at the entrance, the stage is complete, and the tiki doors are installed on the espresso bar.

We launched Celebrate.org's new website in June. This new site positions Celebrate International with its global partners on one platform. It also opens up online donations and an online store. Take a look at the site here.

Hot Water PVT

This project is still moving forward, but slowed due to investors traveling as well as travels of our own. We have a confirmed buyer for our first batch of water heaters, so now it's a matter of financial logistics. Once we get that finalized, we'll give you a full update on our first run of product.

Global Shapers Harare Hub

Tommy had an incredible time in Cape Town at the World Economic Forum on Africa (link). He's been invited to Switzerland for an event in Geneva in August where the Global Shapers Curators are meeting. It's an honor to represent Zimbabwe in this way and we're expectant as Tommy takes to the Alps.

The Shapers put on a Peace Braai Event (Zimbabwe's form of BBQ) last week. This event was aimed at unifying many different organizations and people prior to the coming elections.


With Zimbabwe's presidential elections upcoming in the next couple of weeks, we pressed pause on our media/production USA tour that was planned for July. However, many members of the team have approved visas, so we're looking to do a tour to the Midwest in the Spring of 2014.

We met with half a dozen production houses, directors, film studios, and animation companies during our time in the USA. CMedia is poised to do great things in the coming months and it will be exciting to connect them to our newfound creative friends in America—expanding America's view on what's possible in Africa, as well as empowering our team to dream even bigger for themselves and our organization.

Cotrade Industrial Solutions

Cotrade is becoming a well-known name in the mining industries in Zimbabwe. Anywhere in the world, business is often tedious and slow moving, especially on big projects. We've experienced this with Cotrade the last quarter. Even so, relationships are still being strengthened and Cotrade is positioned to own the market in Zimbabwe and beginning to look at expansion into the surrounding nations in the coming year. It's great to see Gift and Cotrade growing as a company, solving big problems for heavy industries, and hiring their first Champion!

95% Share Marketing Conference

Per our Ritz post, we had an amazing time in Chicago with our friends from Zimbabwe, Botswana, South Africa, Explainify, and Thou Mayest Coffee Roasters. The consistent response was that this was the best 95%/Kingdom Marketplace Conference we've done in the 10 years of doing this event. With 40+ principles being tangibly demonstrated and shown on a VIP Field Trip through Chicago, this 48-hour marathon is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will keep you inspired for years to come. We're planning on doing this again in June 2014.

Projects we are moving forward:

  • Zimbabwe Granite International — ZGI is still raising funding for their granite mine.
  • Business Development Centre—we will be updating you soon about our Startup Ecosystem plans. For Zimbabwe's startups to flourish and rise, there needs to be infrastructure, programs, and finances to help those companies grow to the next level. Emerging Ideas is instigating this ecosystem to provide community and connection for startups and growth stage businesses in Zimbabwe.
  • Creative Tuesdays—an initiative we're starting with CMedia and Celebrate International where we'll be teaching and inspiring entrepreneurial thinking into our teams each week.

(photo via dietmar temps)