July 2014 Startup Pitch Night Recap

July 2014 Startup Pitch Night Recap

When we launched Harare Startup Pitch Nights in November of last year, our core belief was that together we can do more. As a entrepreneur community, we are naturally siloed. The tech guys do their things, the ag guys are over there, the finance guys, etc. The only common thread is coffee.


We believe that Harare can become the City of Collaborative Brilliance, meaning that together we can do more. So on that core foundation, we launched Pitch Nights during Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) 2013.

This month we had a number of national celebrities and business heroes attend. It was amazing to see such successful business people in the room listening to young entrepreneurs share their big ideas.

The founding member of the Global Shapers Harare Hub, Nigel Chanakira came through to support the Global Shapers endorsed initiative Pitch Night. The facilitator of Pitch Nights, Tommy Deuschle, talked about Project Relocation, where entrepreneurs from Zimbabwe and the USA are meeting up in Tanzania to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro to impact the lives of 60 Zimbabwean orphans.

It was a pleasant suprise to have Gary Thompson give a power talk capping it off by declaring that "Great is the new good.” His talk challenged the idea people in the room.

Three entrepreneurs with budding projects pitched and got buy-in from the community. NotfiyU, a university scheduling and noticeboard app, got an offer from an investor as part of the community springboard.

Mwanzi App stood up to declare their revolution on giving digital books and content to Zimbabweans.

Zimall presented their online super store and had invaluable feedback from EatOut's founder Joseph Bunga.

You couldn't leave with any other feeling than inspiration. We had to turn off the lights to get people to leave the room. Thank you all for coming!

Harare Pitch Nights are held the last Thursday of every month at The Basement located beneath the Celebration Centre in Borrowdale. Plan on joining us next month for the event on the 28th of August. If you want to be reminded about the monthly event, then follow us on Twitter  (@emergingideas) for regular community updates.

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(photo via cmedia)