Keeping Honest People Honest (including myself)

Keeping Honest People Honest (including myself)

We’ve started using a phrase within our teams and our communication.

"I’m just trying to keep honest people honest."

The phrase speaks to quest of never assuming anything. Assuming creates an chasm of potential finger pointing.

Well I thought you were going to take care of that...

I assumed you were clear here...

This was your domain, not mine...

And so on...

Don’t assume anything. I’m sure your mother also reminded you, “ASSUME—Making an ASS out of U and ME.” (or at least mine did).

When we are trying to keep honest people honest, we’re including ourselves in that mindset.

Don’t assume that I’ve got you covered or that we’re on the same page until you explicitly tell me what page you’re on. Then we can compare notes, discuss details, and then agree that you’re still honest, I’m still honest, and there’s no assuming.

It’s always a good policy to keep honest people honest. Especially when they’re on your team.

Be direct. Be clear. Confront when it’s not clear and never assume.

That’s the basic theory behind keeping honest people honest.

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