Keeping the Jackass Around

Keeping the Jackass Around

Raising sheep is a technical job, but it’s also an art. They inherently attract predators—coyotes, wolves, lions (or cougars), dogs, and more. It can be difficult to keep sheep protected 24/7.

As it is anywhere in the world, if you have an asset, you want to protect it.

Some farmers have been using donkeys as guardians. Donkeys are inherently belligerent with instincts that run toward the predators, rather than hiding in the flock. So introducing one donkey can protect an entire flock of sheep.

When the coyotes come prowling for a nice meal, the guard donkey goes bonkers. Hemming and hawing, sprinting at the predator and causing so much noise that it’d wake an entire village.

If your entire company is… sheep. Might be time to introduce a new culture.

I’m not promoting to hire the biggest jerk you can find. But there’s something to be said for standing up for your opinion and dissenting when the strategy or decision being made is faulty and taking your company off course.

Learn from the farmers and promote a little hemming and hawing in your company culture.

(photo via rod waddington)

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