Kicking Down the Dirt Path

Kicking Down the Dirt Path

Do you ever feel like your business growth efforts are futile? Like you’re just kicking an idea around and two years later, you’re still kicking it?

We have a ton of ideas we throw out there just to see if any stick. Then we kick them down the dirt path and see if any of them are fun to keep kicking.

That’s part of being an entrepreneur.

But what separates an Wantrepreneur from an Entrepreneur is that they know how to go from the dirt path kicking to producing profit and allowing the idea to speed along down that path.

It’s ok to have ideas in the kicking phase, and for a long time at that. Sometimes the timing is off, or the technology isn’t there yet, or the market isn’t developed yet.

But once that idea gets harder to kick, then you’ve got to stop, get dirty and add the engine and wheels to let the idea go from kicking speed to 300 kmh racing speed.

It’s ok to have an idea in the kicking phase, but be honest about what phase it’s in.

(photo via wwarby)