Launch of Pitch Night in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

Launch of Pitch Night in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

Happy Tax Day to our friends in the USA! Some of our best friends are our accountants. A great accountant is like a cozy security blanket.

We've got a cool announcement and invitation for you today...


Bulawayo—a city like no other. The City of Kings and Queens. A fire waiting to be ignited, broken but not destroyed. A city waiting for her children to stand up and answer the call.

Will you join us?

The journey is in motion, the mission is clear: Rebuilding Bulawayo 3 Ideas At A Time!
Success is the destination. We have come to understand that this occurs as a result of the repetitive and ongoing education and exposure of entrepreneurs through outlets like Pitch Night, where we are working to build a social fabric between entrepreneurs through which entrepreneurs who wouldn't have otherwise met begin to interact and build relationships.

With the natural evolution of the Harare Pitch Night moving to a more seasonal showcase (read our post here), we’ve had a handful of sharp entrepreneurs take the format and ask to launch it in their home cities.

Bulawayo has a rockstar team behind it and they’re set to inspire, encourage, and empower the entrepreneurs in their city.

If you live in the area, join us for the inaugural Pitch Night in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

When: Thursday 26th of April

Where: Vista Lounge, 6th Floor Bulawayo Rainbow Hotel

Cnr Josiah Tongogara Street & 10th Avenue

Numbers are limited.

RSVP required. Doors open at 5:30pm.

RSVP here on the Eventbrite page.

An experience to bring your future in sight:

Emerging Ideas and VBF Bulawayo have teamed up with RTG Inspirations to create an experience we like to call COLLABORATIVE BRILLIANCE in a dynamic, active and safe space that fosters the sharing of ideas, passions and practical solutions. RTG Pitch nights is the place for ideas to collide and relationships to grow. Buckle up, you're going to enjoy this ride.

Watch local/regional entrepreneurs face our distinguished panelists (You—the Audience) to explain why their ideas deserve the audience's time, financial attention, and how we can add value. It's an evening of networking and sharing the entrepreneurial spirit. Come and enjoy free coffee (the real McCoy at Rendezvous Cafe), snacks and networking with other entrepreneurs doing things that matter.

(photo via james hayman)