Launch Your Customers Expectations

Launch Your Customers Expectations

We had just ridden the fastest steel roller coaster in the world (Millenium Force) and were on a euphoric, adrenaline high. It was incredible. An inverted drop that made you feel like you were free falling 300 feet to the ground, then zooming to over 90 miles per hour—tears streaming from our eyes out of pure joy.

Just to our left was something called the Tower Drop. It's only a 200 foot drop or so, no sweat. Let's ride it.

We rush to the line and the ride attendant asks us "Which tower do you want to ride?" There are two towers, the tower on the left has almost no line. We point to the that tower and away we go.

As we climb into our seats, our hearts are pounding and we're expectant for the thrill—we definitely have to ride that massive, steel coaster again. The first tower takes its eager riders to the top and we watch as they free fall 200 feet, screaming, cheering, and shocked with excitement.

That moment before you ride a massive roller coaster, your stomach sinks lower than you thought physically possible, your heart is racing, and it's the calm before the storm.

We look at each other and say "Wow, what's taking so long?" Then, half a second before the ride takes off, we realize, "This ride is shooting us up! We're not dropping!"

WHAM! 0 to 60 miles per hour in no time at all. Launched like a rocket to the heavens. Holy crap—we definitely weren't expecting the tower to launch us up! And it caught us completely off guard.

The ride ends, "WHEW! We definitely weren't expecting that," we laugh to ourselves, "Let's ride the other tower!"

Launch Your Customers' Expectations To The Skies

Your customers are looking for a Tower Ride when they do business with you. They won't tell you that. They don't know they want it. We didn't know we would be launched up, we weren't expecting it. But once it happened, it was an amazing thrill.

Take your customers expectations and launch them. Don't settle for halfway and don't be content to merely get the job done. Find ways to skyrocket your customers and help them have the time of their life while doing business with you.

What if your bank greeted you genuinely and offered you refreshing drinks and delicious candies while building a legitimate relationship with you—learning about your business, your friends, your family. Best bank ever.

What if your marketing agency learned the backstory behind your company and wholly respected your brand by not just settling for what you want, but taking your wants and building on them to create a commercial that so deeply reflects your brand that you could have never built it on your own. Best marketing company—they are launching you.

What if you took your customers on the Tower Ride every time you spoke with them? Build value into what you are offering by going over and above. It's easy to go over and above, you just have to think through your interactions before you have them. Don't just build business, build relationships. Transactions will come and go. Relationships will last for eternity.

Ways to launch your customers' expectations:

  • Do business with people you like—you'll treat them genuinely and it'll be easier to build a relationship
  • You didn't have to but you did
  • Add massive value with each interaction (do your research, send helpful articles about their industry when you come across them)
  • Be honest and trustworthy—long term relationships are far more profitable than quick one-off customers. Once you have trust, never break it.
  • Communicate continually. If you won't be communicating for a period of time, let them know why (my wife is having a baby, or I'm going on leave, or I'll have my head in the clouds for the next 9 days, etc).
  • Take some time to think. Think through what they need by working with you, by purchasing your product. Can you bundle an added offer to help them? Can you tweak and fix your proposal or deliverable to fit a greater need for them?

(photo via geff)