Leadership Sits in the Same Cockpit as Reputation

Leadership Sits in the Same Cockpit as Reputation

Leadership sits in the same cockpit as reputation on the flight of life. You get a good reputation, or not so good, as a leader when there's a crisis, not when there's smooth sailing.

American Express's CEO has lead the company for 14 years. He took over the company right before the 9/11 saga where they lost 11 American Express employees. He lead the financial magnate through the giant valley of America's 2009 financial crisis and came out stronger with more vision and an even better reputation (source).

"When the Internet really exploded, some questioned whether brands would be important, but brands became even more important."

When most everyone else was focused on how do we survive, AMEX focused on the emotional needs of people (their customers), which was most important, and took tough actions to reinvigorate and position the company for the future. Thus, remaining true to their core values since they founded in the 1850.

When there's a crisis most people lose their minds. It's during this time that the best leaders and companies take the opportunity to add more gold to their reputation by remaining true to the mission and reason why behind the business.

When crisis comes, and it will come, the strongest leaders lead with vision and purpose. That genuine way of doing business stands the test of time.

(photo via angelo desantis)