Love Letters From Dear John

Love Letters From Dear John

“I received a letter today,” people are saying this is all over—friends, family members, loved ones, and arch rivals are receiving letters.

As a point of clarity, these are not love letters, although that would be nice. They are polite, or sometimes impolite, letters that basically say, “We don't need you around anymore. You're fired."

Whatever the case, it’s tough. There's nothing fun about it. And people have a right to be sad, but not for very long.

I lost my job once and in the process I had to let my team go too. A double depression. At one point, my wife was the only person putting money on the table.

It’s not just Zimbabwe, it’s a global turn of events.

I saw an article posted yesterday that says entire industries of people in the US are losing jobs because machines can work better than humans. The truth is that they probably do. Robots don't have emotions, nor do they get offended. They also never take tea breaks. Oxford University did a study that said 47% of jobs in America are in jeopardy in the coming years because of robots.

Tell your wife, “So this robot came into work today and then, I got fired."

It’s okay to be upset. You just can’t stay upset.

It’s easy to get bitter or hold grudges. But life’s too short, so we have to spin it positively.

Where can I get better? Believe it or not, many people deserved to get fired.
Was I adding irreplaceable value? Can I do that going forward?
Start Somewhere. The best place is with a friend or relative.

The Takeaway: Jobs may not be in mass abundance but opportunities to add value are.

The question we should all ask is, "What can I do to add value?"

Not, what can I do to get a job?

CEOs, investors, and decision makers don’t want to give away jobs, they want to give away opportunities to add value.

And here’s the interesting thing about robots taking jobs...

Robots are going to take over manual labor type jobs. But new technology is creating industries that previously didn’t exist. And these new industries require value-adding humans.

Case in point, 100,000 people work for every day. Social media didn't exist 8 years ago. Now there are millions of social and online digital jobs that require the touch and influence of a human on a daily basis.

Or the thousands of people who are now creating satellites to place into orbit with SpaceX.

All of these jobs never existed. But as technology leaps forward, new jobs are created.

Just like the industrial revolution—millions of jobs were created with the steel industry. Those jobs are now going away today to robotics, but new industries are being created that we have no idea about in the coming years.

Definitely something to think about in terms of adding value with our life’s work.

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