Man On The Moon

Man On The Moon

The power of leadership. Good leadership. It's setting the vision and attaching goals to them. Clear. Definable. Excitable goals, that would make people enjoy doing them even if there was no pay.

John F. Kennedy said that we’ll put a man on the moon “before the decade is out.” He set the vision—it was a lofty one, but he declared it and supported it. It also rang the bell of adventure in the hearts of people all over the world.

With this clear communication of direction and vision, society made a move to jump in and be involved. Industry, Corporate America, media giants and schools rallied around the goal and aspired to hit it.

You really can accomplish impossible things.

Many would say that starting a business in Africa is impossible. But with the right vision, the right support, the right people, and a lot of trust, you can accomplish the impossible.

Side note: with the wrong vision, the whole thing is a like a deflated rubber boat—not attractive and not worth getting in. Getting a man on the moon is way cooler than opening up a consulting business. Check the vision and make sure it’s “ralliable."

New word: Ralliable. Definition: a vision that’s worth rallying behind.

For more on this concept, read Marketing the Moon: The Selling of the Apollo Lunar Program by David Meerman Scott & Richard Jurek.

(photo via bre pettis)