Manage The Madness

Manage The Madness

My brother is hiding in the bushes with a small flip camera. He films me as I go up to a person sitting on a park bench eating chips and chicken. I run up to the guy and sneeze right on his food platter and begin coughing profusely. I wipe my face and nose and reach out to grab some chips saying, "I'm really hungry, sir."

The man would get really mad, and if he's OCD, he would flip out.

Then I say, "Hey, hey! Don't freak out! You’re on a tv show called ‘Manage The Madness’ and you're going to be on local TV!”

What's wrong with this scenario?

  • No one in the world knows what "Manage the Madness" is. There's no credibility. This wouldn’t dissolve the situation at all.
  • My brother with his tiny camera doesn't help convince that it's a real TV show. Even it if was, there’s no credibility.
  • This guy on the bench doesn't even watch local TV because everyone who has TV in Zim has satellite. So even when I offer him a $20 bill, he doesn't care at all and just wants me to leave him alone.

To be big and bold and get in people's faces, the credibility factor has to be there. Its presence should never be questioned. Regarding the Six Types of Capital, "reputation" capital is absolutely necessary to pull off the sneezing/coughing gag.

Now let's change the scenario.

…or Mr. Bean dressed as Larry King

If we had Ryan Seacrest walk out from behind the bushes with us, then we'd instantly be legitimate. No questions would be asked about the small camera, or the seemingly small team, or how terrible the joke actually was or the name "Manage the Madness." It would all be fine. It might even work as a TV show concept just because Ryan endorsed it with his presence.

Get credibility to follow you. (I feel like that's a tag line for an insurance company). And if you don’t know Ryan Seacrest, do small tests that can prove your concept before you take the big leap of sneezing and coughing on an unsuspecting gentlemen’s lunch.

Ever wonder what might happen if you asked a bunch of New Yorkers for a sip of their hot coffee while passing them on the street? Wonder no more, our Manage The Madness show might actually work! Watch this: The Coffee Experiment.

(photos via rizzato & jonathan kos-read)