He died, impacted many, and his life was more then a symbol of forgiveness, restoration, and hope—it was a game changer for the entire world. The world mourns and celebrates at the same time. However, people were waiting and preparing for Mandela to die. Almost as if there was a stage and people were in the wings quietly watching for the moment the curtain would close.

Buildings were lit up with the South African (SA) Flag. Poems, obituaries, memorials, songs, and art was all created as a monument to this man’s larger than life legacy. The Eiffel Tower was lit up as the flag too. Buildings had Mandela's face and shadow on it and there were documentaries that came out seconds after he died, about his death. People were ready. Companies, governments, and media houses all chipped in with pre-fabricated and pre-thought ideas on how to celebrate Mandela's life. Even though everyone knew that Mandela wasn't in the best position health-wise, there was incredible planning in anticipation to this monumental date.

  • When it happens, it's sometimes too late. I bet there were thousands of companies and groups of people that thought to themselves, "Oh yeah we should do something now that he's gone to commemorate his life." Key: Be ahead of the curve.
  • Look at what is coming, how can you be apart of it in a big way? To light up the Eiffel tower as the SA flag didn't take a few hours. It took lots of money, lots of time and a few people who weren't afraid of heights.
  • No one told them to be apart of it. Buildings, companies, and media houses weren’t told to do these things. Often the most important things are never told to us with an instruction. It takes an inner appreciation, foresight, intuition, and a little “how can I give“ mentality.

Maybe I should have written this post last week…

Mandela’s legacy cannot be downplayed. He’s a legend in his own time and the world is a better place because of him. Be inspired, and let that inspiration move you to action in your own sphere of influence.

“In my country, we go to prison first and then become president.”

“I dream of an Africa which is in peace with itself.”

Also, apparently the sign language interpreter at Mandela's memorial was faking it (humorous on so many levels). And a few world leaders were taking 'selfies,' nice to see politicians show their more human side.

(photo via slate)