Meet Our New CEO

Meet Our New CEO

Let's take one step out of reality into a "what-if world." Let's say you get called on your cell today, out of the blue, and are asked to become Apple's new CEO. Goodbye working at the family banana stand, hello Apple.

Someone discovered that you're actually really smart, and someone said your resume mattered. Maybe it's the combination of your good looks and that your personality resembles the optimism of Forrest Gump. Either way, you've been selected and hired magically with no interviews—they just had a good feeling about you (even though you don't necessarily have the same feeling about yourself).

You start in 5 days. Now what?

It's one of the biggest opportunities in the world: you have a team of rockstars, implementers, finance gurus, and an amazing supply chain—not to mention the incredible brand. Whatever you were doing before probably won't work.

How Would You Prepare To Be CEO?

I can imagine most of us would do the something like:

  1. Grab a new jacket or take our old jacket to the dry cleaners to look good for our first day on the job.
  2. Try and cram the 10 latest leadership books into your head using various methods (audio, written word, and story time with your significant other).
  3. Pluck your eyebrows and get a haircut that looks like you're relevant and that you fit the job title.
  4. You might feel sick to your stomach because you know that you're probably going to have to fake it and the role of CEO of this massive company might be too big.
  5. Perhaps for the first time, you'd start thinking of the entire globe and not just your country (Apple happens to have a large market presence in over 50 countries).
  6. You might start to research everyone at Apple and see who your teammates will be.
  7. You might actually pull out the You Can Do It series from a motivational speaker and start setting some goals quickly.
  8. You might jot down a few good quotes on Post-It notes, stashing them in all the right pockets so you can spew them out in your meetings (better start brainstorming on how to not let the company collapse in your hands).
  9. Might start working out (could get in 4 workouts before you start) and drink some green powder stuff to feel better about yourself.

Okay, so you're not going to be the CEO of Apple, but if you were, you might change a few things about your lifestyle, because overnight you now view yourself as more "important."

Importance doesn't come from a job title. Most of us would start to try and make ourselves better to match the promotion or office. Here's the thing, if you're a business owner or in charge of a team, it's just as important as being the CEO of Apple. There shouldn't be a difference in behaviour.

Your company is valuable and it deserves the best you. Your position is important and it deserves the best you.

It's easy to say "One day, when I get there, I'll start doing this and that." You are there now—because you're you. Your spouse, your kids, your friends, your world deserves the ultimate you.

You're the CEO somewhere. It may not be the title on your desk (yet), but be the best you today. Make plans for who you want to be in 10, 20, or even 30 years and begin to work backwards from there.

Life is short, but not so short that you shouldn't plan on being the best you.

Here's to you, future CEO.

(photo via mateus)