November Pitch Night RSVP

November Pitch Night RSVP

RSVP here. It's this Thursday 26 of November! We'll be celebrating Thanksgiving with our friends in the USA by having Pitch Night and supporting local entrepreneurs in Zimbabwe.

The coffee is free and so is the food. Did we tell you admission is free as well? Oh and the WI-FI too courtesy of our friends at ‪#‎ZOL‬ ‪#‎webuiltthiscity‬

Join us this Thursday the 26th of November for 3 awesome pitches and we get to hear the Food Lovers Market Story. Go ahead ‪#‎tellsomeone‬!

Bring a friend to this month's pitch night. You know the atmosphere will be pumping and we've got a caffeinated and excited group sharing their ideas.

Location: Celebration Centre: The Basement

Time: 6pm local time, Thursday 26 November

Let's #fillthebasement

Get In The Ring on Friday

Also, on Friday evening at 6pm in the Basement, we're hosting a "Get In The Ring" event. It's a startup competition where 6 companies pitch to each other and against each other (similar to a boxing match but with entrepreneur pitches). It's quite cool and it's also a free event!

Starts at 6pm. We hope to see you at both events.

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