October 2013 Project Updates (Q3)

October 2013 Project Updates (Q3)

To give you a panoramic on what Emerging Ideas has been up to in the past few months and what we're working on, here's our 2013 Q3 update.  Drumroll everyone…

Celebrate International

The new youth centre project is open! Events are now being held in Zimbabwe’s first dedicated youth event space. There are still a few exquisite finishing touches, but the stage is in place and built, the steel victorian entrance way and tonga doors set a strong and exciting tone as you enter the space, and the highly anticipated espresso bar is planned to open before the end of the year.

We held a strategy summit with the head of Celebrate earlier this month and are excited to start working on a few 100% philanthropic projects as the year closes. A children’s hospital build out, a few marketing campaigns in the USA underway, and plans for 2014 being completed, the momentum is high and excitement levels almost have to be brought under control.

Hot Water PVT

Last update, we mentioned that the plans for our instant hot water company had slowed with traveling investors. Our investors are on board, but now we are negotiating minimum order quantities (MOQ for all of your looking to polish up on your wholesale acronyms) with the supplier overseas. If all goes well, we’ll be in business. If the MOQ is high, then we will either have to move on or find more investment.

After that small detail is sorted, it’ll be time to come up with a name for the company. More soon!


C:Media is now the only high definition TV production studio in Zimbabwe! We were successful at landing the updated equipment and building out the studio last month. It’s been a whirlwind year for CMedia with being named one of the top media companies in the nation to also updating the studio. Right now the team is working on a phone and tablet product commercial and story that is hoping to rival the Samsung and Apple market penetration in the continent.

We’re looking to infuse our small but skilled team with incrementally widespread projects and productions to end out this year with an international TV show now being aired and more.

Cotrade Industrial Solutions

We’ll write a full update on Gift and Cotrade’s progress soon, but Cotrade is positioned strongly in the mining industry locally and plans to expand to another nation in 2014 are promising. Cotrade dust suppression includes road grading and application. Our small team learns quickly and is managing the large trucks necessary to complete the projects. Get the work done!

Blue Nile Water Company

From Tommy’s Ethiopia travel update, this water project in Ethiopia is very exciting. Our partners are ready and we’re putting together the prospectus (fancy word for short business plan) to begin to raise funds for this project. The president of Ethiopia has agreed to be on the board of the company and we have 20 wells lined out for us to drill as soon as we can get the company funded and equipped.

Startup Accelerator and LaunchPad

We’re looking for office space and corporate sponsors to initiate a full scale startup accelerator program in Zimbabwe in 2014. We receive ideas and company submissions weekly on our website from all across Africa. As we’ve progressed in proving our business model, we’re excited to scale our efforts to accelerating more startups in Zimbabwe in the coming year.

The accelerator program will include a 3 month mentorship and education program, concluding with a final pitch event to a room of investors to connect the startups with angel investors and venture capitalists.

1 Million Cups (1MC)

The 1MC launch in Tulsa was a huge success with over 75 entrepreneurs coming together to hear two startups present. The buzz in the room was high, the coffee was strong, and the community turnout was fantastic considering it was a rainy morning. This event will run every Wednesday morning at 9am. If you're in Tulsa, please join us.

A few other mentions:

  • Tim will be conducting an impact investment workshop in Tulsa in November. It will be an overview of impact investing, while also opening up local entrepreneurs to the power of creativity in entrepreneurship. Making a difference and being philanthropic in nature doesn’t have to be hard, it just takes some forethought and willingness to pull together relationships.
  • Tommy will be initiating Creative Tuesdays with the staff at Celebrate International and C:Media. If you’re a local entrepreneur in Harare, be on the lookout for an invitation to take part in these creative learning sessions.
  • If you are in need of some local service help with proofreading, data entry or other smaller tasks that you may know how to do, but not have time for, our friends over at Rlabs are offering menial tech tasks to their local community of young people who are learning how to use computers. Contact us here if you’re interested in learning more.