On Hiring...

On Hiring...

The important thing to remember is that hiring a bad person is more expensive and wastes more time than waiting for a good person.

It’s tempting to say “at this point, anybody would do” but that’s never, ever true.

The wrong person will not merely fail to do their job, they will make everybody slower at theirs, and unhappy to boot.

Don’t hire if you’re not sure about somebody, and if you hire somebody who’s no good, give them as much support and direction as you can afford to get them to turn around, but if you don’t see any improvement be ruthless in letting them go. (source)

  • Take your time.
  • Protect your culture.
  • Hire people of character who can learn skills.
  • Avoid people with skills who have no character.
  • Sometimes things don’t work out. That’s ok. Be up front about this fact.

(photo via chris jl)