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  • Shaping Narrative

    It’s been a summer of influential African hashtags. The hashtags have trended across the continent and global diaspora this summer. While many of them have been fun like #IfAfricaWasABar others have had fun campaigning like #SomeoneTellCNN but they all point to young Africans increasingly shaping their own narrative...  Read More

  • Telecel Boldly Telling Zimbabwe's Story

    Starting a business in Zimbabwe is not the easy road. Forging and crafting something out of nothing is something the Zimbabwean entrepreneur knows very well. If you live and work here, you know what it’s like to have a dream held together by strings of faith, hope and possibility. Of course it’s difficult. But, the only things that are valuable are the things that are scarce...  Read More

  • On Writing: Telling The Stories That Only You Can Tell

    "We're living in an age in which words have triumphed." The most important thing for anyone who gets to the level of being ready to write is to tell your story. Don't try and tell the stories that other people can tell. Any starting writer always begins with other people's voices because you've been reading other people for years...  Read More