Opportunities Galore

Opportunities Galore

"An opportunity is not an opportunity when it takes you away from your plan.” —Pamela Grow

It's the get rich quick scheme.

It's the well we just stumbled on this and maybe we should pursue it.

Just because the train could make the stop doesn't mean it should. A train stopping when it's not planned is either a late train or a derailed one.

Here's something that's not sexy: have a plan and work that plan with focus and energy.

That path will lead you to success. You must learn to recognize opportunities that fit your focus and ones that don't. A good strategy executed well leads you to long-term success.

Shun opportunities that will cause you to deviate from your plan and strategy.

The great thing about this kind of focus is that when an opportunity is available that fits your plan, you're ready to execute it right away. And that's a win-win. 

(photo via david brossard)