Opportunity And The Great Mind Shift

Opportunity And The Great Mind Shift

1% of the world’s population owns more wealth than the rest of the 99% of the population combined. The stats show that the top 1% wealthiest control over half of the world’s monetary assets. [source & source]

If we extrapolated this fact a little bit, the case could be made that if you take all of the money out of the economies of the world and then re-release it back into the system that once again that fact would remain true—over half of the money will be controlled by 1% of the population within a short period of time.

It gets controlled this way because they have the expertise, relationships, and networks that tilt the global economic system in their favor.

There is always more than one way to view something. Or as the Jewish Rabbis often say, “There’s always 70 ways to view the text…”

Some people choose to see this study of the 1% controlling the wealth in the world and view that "life’s not fair, we should tax the super rich and make them share the wealth."

Others choose to create something that can access the 1% of wealth and create value each step of the way.

There’s no right or wrong way here, it’s just a matter of mindset and preference.

The case can be made for this massive wealth gap as an opportunity for you. You can’t control the hand you’ve been dealt, but you can be strategic and vision-oriented. The best game players control the parameters they can and position themselves with the best chance of winning. Luck is an illusion.


A friend of ours was telling us a story about meeting with some Chinese investors recently. The investor said, “Africa is just like NATO. No Action Talk Only (NATO)."

You can choose to view that as a negative, “Oh other people don’t understand Africa.” And yes, that’s partly true. Or you can say, “Not me, I’m going to take action and have an advantage over much of my culture and society because I’m not just talk, I am action.”

Prove NATO wrong. Do it.

Being thankful shifts your mentality. You’ve heard the phrase, “Nothing is free in life. You have to take everything you can.” That creates very transactional decision makers—take, take, take, gimme, gimme, gimme.


Or you can choose to say, “Everything is free in life. I was born breathing free air. I will die breathing it. I have never been taxed for my creative thoughts or my friendships.”

This Opportunity Mentality lends itself to an open heart and an open mind toward creating a successful life and business. It’s also attractive to the 1% of people who have so much money that they need to invest it in world-changing people who happen to have brilliant ideas.

Personal growth breeds increase in the other areas of your life.

So that leads us to this question: what is your mindset like?

Excuses are easy. The greatest opportunities are available to you right now. Don’t believe that? Perhaps you need to check your mindset.

(photo via bank of england)