Our Money is on Mayweather

Our Money is on Mayweather

The biggest fight in history and it is a few days away.

"Who's going to win?" We were asked abruptly by an ex-French Foreign Legion Rhodesian sitting next to us on flight a few days ago.

“Well, it seems Mayweather knows the game of boxing better then McGregor…” It's not about who's tougher, fitter or mind-strong in this battle, it's who knows the game well enough.

Ever heard the quote: "it's not to the swift or the strong but to the wise."

How well do you fight?

A group of powerful men in swords and metal armor is no match for a war tank. They might look cool and their helmets would sell on ebay for a bunch of money but they are in two different games. It's not even fair.

Here's how to know if you're fighting with wisdom or if you're fighting dumb.

How well do you fight when you have a problem with a partner or someone on your team? To pick against them would be wrong. You're not fighting against them, you're fighting for agreement. You're fighting for transparency. And you're fighting to ensure the future success of your communication and teamwork.

Dumb Fighting.Internet flights that you have no context about.When you're constantly fighting against something. People like to be rebels, but a rebel without a cause is just sad. What are we actually fighting for?The fight never ends—even after the issue is dealt with, you're still shadow boxing and talking about it.

Smart Fighting.There's always a resolve.You understand that you're qualified to jump in the ring. There's nothing like watching someone who's ignorant jump into a conversation battle they know nothing about.You hug at the end. The best fights end with a hug.You fight with your emotions intact. Losing it emotionally always effects your ability to think and articulate.

Fight wise. And fight smart. Because every day is a fight.

Mayweather vs. McGregor is fascinating on many levels. If you’re interested to learn more, read about the largest grossing fight in history.

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