Celebration Health is a non-profit Zimbabwean organization that carries out relief and developmental programs for the underprivileged. Their vision is to transform and reform communities through sustainable health care solutions. From providing food and fresh water to communities to running medical clinics and outreaches, Celebration Health makes an impact weekly on the ground in southern Africa.

Along with some of the biggest names in business in Africa (Econet Wireless, National Health Care Trust, Coca-Cola Africa Foundation, CitiHope International,  MedShare International, the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare and The University of Zimbabwe), Celebration Health is reaching people who cannot help themselves and providing medical care and relief where there often is none.

Interlink Capital Strategies is a highly specialized and experienced consultancy based in the USA. Interlink specializes in structured financing solutions for the USA and emerging markets. They've been working in emerging markets like Africa, Latin America, and Southeast Asia for nearly 20 years. Interlink is now beginning to shed light from the USA on opportunities in southern Africa. We had the opportunity to host Interlink's Managing Director recently—you can read about his trip to Zimbabwe here.

Interlink recently worked with MicroKing Finance and signed an $8 million long term facility for the benefit of small to medium enterprises in Zimbabwe. Interlink's team is stacked with smart, experienced, and global minds. We're proud to work with Interlink and enjoy a mutual passion for building the world's brightest ideas.

We believe the best story always wins. That's exactly why we love Explainify so much. Explainify is an animation and video studio that specializes in the creation of short, to-the-point stories (45-90 seconds) that effectively engage, explain and express your brand. Basically, they extract your story and helps you tell it to win more business, more relationships, and more awesome.

We work closely with the Explainify team to create visual and compelling stories for our projects. It's one thing to have a great story, but it's an entirely different thing to communicate that vision and story to potential investors, partners, and customers. Explainify helps us do just that. And with their savvy marketing approach and creative genius, they really help us put our entrepreneurs and projects on the map.

With 1 in 3 people with AIDS in Zimbabwe, children are increasingly orphaned. Compassion focuses on reaching the orphans, widows, and poor of Southern Africa. They initiate free surgeries, operations, and medical care for those in need and provide much needed love and care for the children of Zimbabwe. Partnering with some of the world's humanitarian outreaches, Emerging Ideas works with Compassion to facilitate outreaches and support. When working with Compassion, it is purely philanthropic.

Zach Aldwin

Zach Aldwin writes for the business section of The Herald, the largest newspaper in Zimbabwe.

Zach's quirky and creative look at the world aims to help you enhance your business. With international experience in business across a wide spectrum of areas he seeks to challenge and enhance the way you think about your work.

A native Zimbabwean, Zach uses this as a platform to explore the rest of the world. Realizing that Africa has more to share than just bad news, he translates his experiences into solid business principle that can be utilized anywhere in the globe. Having covered areas as diverse as IT, business networking, media, catering, and healthcare, Zach shares his experience as a regular business columnist in The Herald, Zimbabwe.

Also having bootstrapped a handful of companies, Zach consults and works to incubate start-up businesses from dream to reality. He is a qualified facilitator and strongly believes in linking people together to help build a better world.