Passionate Customers (w/ free ebook download)

Passionate Customers (w/ free ebook download)

Don’t ask “how do I get my first 1,000 customers?” Rather ask yourself, “How do I get one truly passionate customer?” If you can understand why you’ve resonated with that customer, chances are you can replicate that passion in others. [source]

A few examples to think about:

  • Is your goal to get as many subscribers as possible so all of your focus is creating just enough value to get people to sign up? Or is your goal that once someone signs up, they never unsubscribe because you give them so much value?
  • Are you trying to sell to everyone you see? It might just be that you need to identify who your ideal client is and only sell to them. 
  • Some businesses thrive and are successful on mass clientele. And that’s fine if that’s your business, but be clear about your strategy. As a startup, you often don’t need 1,000 customers right out of the gate. You need a handful of loyal and passionate customers who are willing to give honest feedback and help you develop your product over time.

If you’ve seen the movie 300, would you rather have 300 Spartans who are loyal and passionate on your side? Or 100,000 Persians whose hearts aren’t truly behind your cause?

Developing passion in your customers takes patience, but one passionate customer can change your entire world.

For more on passionate customers, read Seth Godin’s book Unleashing the Ideavirus (pay close attention to the section about Sneezers). Click here for the free eBook download.

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