Pathological Liars

Pathological Liars

I've met liars. Good liars. They are so good at lying.

"I'm almost at your office," they say. Meanwhile they're stuck in traffic in Lusaka.

"I'll send you that transfer today,” they say. Meanwhile they don't even have a bank account.

"Sorry, my uncle died in Macheke and I've been at the funeral for 5 days,” they say. Meanwhile he has no uncle and our boy is sitting at the Jameson Hotel sipping a rock shandy.

I used to believe the best in everyone and still give that attempt—even liars. I thought that maybe liars just needed to get all of their lies out and then they would start telling the truth.

People tell me that liars change their breathing when they lie. Or tilt their head, or repeat their phrases, or cover their mouths. But I've seen people lie with zero flinches. I think Africa has created some of the best Top Notch Liars on the planet.

Here’s a story for you. A guy offered me a deal. He said he needed some cash desperately. He also added that he was a leader in his church. He told me quite convincingly about the deal and what I would get in return. He even went to the extent of setting up a fake office to look legit. He also got a forged reference letter from someone that I knew growing up. He did his research to lie well. He was a pro man. No flinch and no remorse. When we found out, he still did not admit that he conned us.

He had lied so well that he convinced himself that he was a truth teller. He won himself over. He couldn't admit it, even in court and to the cops.

We have to be careful that we don’t spin the narrative of Africa as a great place with great people, but filled with corruption and liars. Unfortunately, they’re here and they ruin a lot of great deals for many of us. But those of us who are dedicated to Integrity and Truth must band together and ban from doing business with Pathological Liars.

Ban the liars.

(photo via john p)