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  • Face Value

    The world is full of scams, pretentious people and gullible believers. I walked into a public event the other day and was smiling and making new friends, like I usually do. Everyone was so friendly to me and staring at me awkwardly. Then a man asked me...  Read More

  • Creating Compelling Stories

    We wrote about creating a compelling story when selling or promoting your business, but what if you don’t have a compelling story to share? Go and make one. Ordinary can be extraordinary with the proper frame...  Read More

  • Humans & Stories

    It’s the Predators' Playground. Where danger stalks you all hours of the day. Chitake Springs is the only water source for miles (45km to be exact). it’s the ideal place to get away from civilization and experience God’s creation at its finest and most raw. It’s certainly not the Garden of Eden, but...  Read More